Sunday, July 30, 2006

Funding Political Parties

I hate the idea that we could end up with political parties being funded out of the public purse. This would entrench the domination of politics by the main parties and the evil system of limited choice they have to offer.

How could radical thinkers ever get a foot on the ladder? How could the likes of Martin Bell or other independent candidates ever stand a chance of election - it's difficult enough for anonymous but well-meaning interlopers to get recognition as it is.

At least with a carefully regulated system of parties being funded by loans and gifts we are entitled to know what interests think they will benfit by the election of party X and can choose to vote accordingly if inclined to.

When you look at the money wasted on huge poster campaigns at elections, the other alternative might be to ban parties from spending on advertising at all and force them to do their campaigning using good old-fashioned legwork.


Blogger Gavin Ayling said...

Quite right!

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