Monday, July 31, 2006

How Should Parliament/Councils be Run?

My ideas at present are thus.

Do away with General Elections and whole Council Elections.

There should be elections of one fifth of the membership each year so the whole body is replaced on a rolling basis every 5 years.

Thus it is possible that there is a significant swing in political emphasis each year - this should reflect thje mood of the constituency and the performance of the ruling body in the previous 12 months.

A leader/head of government/chief executive/whatever should be chosen by the whole elected assembly and would not necessarily be the leader of the majority party/grouping but would be the person most respected as being suitable for the job by the majority. The method of making this choice to be debated elsewhere (it's not so important for the present purpose)

The chosen leader having obtained the general assent of the house would then set about appointing the ruling body/government/cabinet from the whole assembly choosing people who are most suitable in the circumstances based on experience, ability, stated agenda etc NOT on Party Allegiance.

The success/performance of this grouping will be important as it will no doubt dictate what happens at the following year's elections, thus ensuring the current leader's likelihood of continuing in that position or not.

Thus the whole system becomes more fluid and accountable to the electorate. If there are hugely unpopular or totally unacceptable policies implemented the populus will be able to respond within the year and get things changed rather than have to wait upto 5 years before change can be wraught. This will ensure that politicians stick to their stated aims and do not overstep the mark by passing inappropriate law by stealth.

Please note that many of these ideas are put down in a stream-of-consciousness method of writing and although I may have been ruminating on these matters for a long time, what actually appears in the blog just come out of the ends of my fingers as I type. What I guess I'm trying to say is that these ideas are rough and ready and are there for you to adopt and modify at will and I'm keen to hear what you think, so that I can develop them and refine them so that by the next election we can have a fairly well thought out set of ideas in place so that reform minded independent thinkers can have a sort of collective philosophy in place in order that a concerted effort may be made to change the smug self-perpetuating regime that we now find ourselves stuck in.

Climbing down off soapbox......


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