Monday, July 31, 2006

So.....How do we get THEM out?

Now, it's not my intention to form a new political party. That would be joining them rather than beating them. But...

...I think it might be possible to use the 'No Ta' label as a rallying point rather in the same way that the Monster Raving Loonies did in Lord Sutch's day.

It would be necessary to find people in your locality who want to be involved in reforming the system to the advantage of everyone [except THEM!]. Then you would need to find a person willing to stand for Council or Parliament

The general principles would be

Greater Democratic involvement by the general populus
Increase personal freedom and real choice
Encourage popular involvement to move towards bottom-up decision making etc
Electoral reform
Review method of forming government
Minimise Law
etc etc etc

Details of policy would be upto local groups supporting candidates to decide between them, based on personal interests and local issues etc

These ideas need to be refined and locally applied according to situation

Your turn to contribute please!


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