Sunday, July 30, 2006

What's It All About

I don't know about you, but I'm fed up with the sham nature of UK politics. So-called representative democracy is anything but that. You are asked to vote every few years for a person whose main allegiance is to his/her political party and because of the whipping system is expected to vote according to party policy, regardless of his/her own view let alone those of his/her constituents. Very often this leads the whole country to be dragged into situations hardly anyone wants to be in. This is manipulation, pure & simple. I'm sure we can all bring such a situation to mind without too much effort!

It is my intention to set a ball rolling that will change this dreadful state of affairs.I have particular beefs and agendas of my own which I will mention from time to time, but it is not my intention to ram these down your throat or to form a new political party to get them accepted by the already skewed arrangement we live under. Quite the reverse. I want to see the present system dismantled and replaced by a form of government we can all feel comfortable with. We should be able to minimise state and local government intrusion into people's lives whatever their politics, race, religion, sexuality etc

The reason I am confident it will have widespread appeal is because it is to be based on the 'principle' of "None of the Above" [NoTa]. This hopefully would lead to a large number of members of parliament or councils who would no longer be there on the basis of party allegiance, but on the basis that they were being given the chance as indivuals to represent their constituency in a trustworthy and honest manner on the understanding that if they fail, they will be [r]ejected next time.

I will also be talking about the excess of laws and controls we seem to have accrued in recent years, the amount of political interference in everday life and public institutions and how we might reverse this accelerating movement towards '1984'.

Please make comments freely on anything you read here. I am a keen supporter of open and honest debate and dislike the constraints of the current forms of political correctness but would say that racist propaganda will not be welcomed here. My only other requirement would be that you must be able to take as good as you give.

I look forward to corresponding with you and perhaps moving forward into a truly democratic and more respectful future.


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