Monday, November 13, 2006


At last, some feedback

from my old buddy, Clive

"".....OK so you made me look at your blog ... and I wondered about some of the existing problems that I have noticed here and there:

to what degree would your suggested system improve the problem of "short-terminism" in politics?
how would it discourage "chameleon politicians"?
how might it encourage people of good calibre and character?
how would it deal with the Civil Service and its tendency to be self-serving and profligate with other peoples' money?
to what degree would it free us from the unbalanced influences of "experts"/"specialists"/"consultants"?
how would it curb the effects of ideologues who are driven by blind faith, irrational speculation, wild imagination, etc?
how might it help us escape the tendency towards rigid following of rigid procedures (that Punch-like attitude ... "that's the way we do it")
how would it encourage people to vote if they feel that laws, rules, regulation from elsewhere render their own laws redundant?"

Before I respond to any of these points, anyone else want to pick up on them?

Thanks Clive


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