Sunday, December 10, 2006

Defense de Fumer!

It's starting - the long-awaited clamp down on smoking

I don't smoke - never have done - never intend to

But the all pervasive desire to make other people stop doing it seems pretty evil to me and calls into question whether people really do believe in free choice or not

The spanish - bless their cotton socks - have had quite restrictive laws on smoking in public places such as bars for some time now. How have they received them?

By the brilliant tactic of letting them in and then ignoring them

There is just too much respect for the law in this country

We let the do-gooders pass stuff willy-nilly because they think they have a God-given right to decide what's good for us and then we think we have to obey their laws however crappy they may be

Why not let the prisons fill up with people who decide to flout the anti-smoking laws - then Big Brother and her cohorts can decide how to cope with real criminals who rape and murder

The only way left to stop the ever increasing number of interfering freedom limiting laws is by ignoring them and let those who want to toe the line figure out how to deal with the consequences of their fascistic actions

I may even force myself to take up the habit



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